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Connection, Tools, and Support

in this Time of Need

Calming the Viral Mindset

Are you caught up in the “Viral Mindset”

of this pandemic?

Shelter in Place requirements, constant news updates, experiencing and observing fear, anxiety, unrest. 

Do you feel overcome with compassion and sorrow for those affected by the virus? Looking for a place to find calm amongst the external and internal chaos?

Now more than ever is the time for perspective and resilience. In April and May 2020, healers and teachers go together to offer soul-soothing information and exercises to support you through this time.

Each session featured Mindfulness and Stress Reduction exercises, tai chi or qigong, or EFT tapping. Guest presenters explored comedy, kundalini yoga,  movement, nutrition, and more.




April 2020

Thursday 11 AM PDT 

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